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Heating Hydraulics Training Stand
N.º de pedido: 97177  
Precio a solicitud

  • Mobile training stand with four heater simulations, each one with a thermostat valve, flow meter and capture of the heater‘s output temperature
  • Thermostat with simulated outside temperature (via potentiometer)

For many tasks in the heating hydraulics, e.g.

  • Testing work on the diaphragmtype expansion tank
  • Programming the outside thermostat
  • Flow meter for the total volume flow and strand volume flows
  • 4-channel temperature measuring device with data interface
  • Gauge connections for both the flow and return, for temperature difference measurement
  • Temperature measurements via sensor insert in the medium


  • 4 strand regulation valves
  • Short-circuit valve for maximum flow
  • 3-way mixer unit with high-efficiency pump and safety group
  • Heat transfer station with heat exchanger
  • Dimensions: (L x D x H) 1500 x 900 x 1940