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On/off hydraulics - electrical operation (according to BIBB)
Tainee´s manual
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The learning objectives are coordinated with the German Federal Institute for Vocational Training (BIBB) proposed topics. The project tasks are practical and conform to a large extent with customer orders from industry and trade. The structure is planned according to didactic principles and explains the implementation of individual projects on a step-by-step basis.

The instructor's guide to imparting know-how is available to instructors and teachers of specific subjects. This project manual contains basic theoretical knowledge and guidance on practice-related project tasks in the field of hydraulic control technology. It contains additional details about projects and information for instructors.

  • Hydraulic fundamentals related to the project exercises
  • Electronic fundamentals related to the project exercises
  • A practical introduction to the project exercises (identifying hydraulic components)
  • Interpretation of a hydraulic system (example assessment)
  • Hydraulic pump: function, pressure-flow characteristic
  • Differential cylinder function, pressure conversion, velocity, filling volume
  • Hydraulic motor function, torque, speed, pressure differential
  • Directional valve: set-up, function, piston shapes
  • Check valve function
  • Pilot-operated check valve: function
  • Throttle valve: function, pressure differential flow characteristic
  • Throttle valve: function, supply and discharge throttling
  • Flow control valve: function, flow pressure differential characteristic
  • Direct-operated pressure relief valve / pilot-operated function, pressure-flow characteristic
  • Direct-operated pressure relief valve: pressure level, series or parallel connection settings
  • Pressure reducing valve: function
  • Hydraulic accumulator: function
  • Differential circuit: control of a hydraulic circuit
  • Cyclical circuit: use and system behavior
  • Commissioning, troubleshooting
  • Pressure switch function, hysteresis
  • Hydraulic circuits: rapid traverse/creep speed switching cycle, load-holding circuit, bridge rectifier, cyclical circuit for high-volume flows, accumulator charging circuits