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Christiani E-Learning for automotive engineering
(Companies 30-user licence - valid for 12 months)
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Spoken texts (also in the respective foreign languages), illustrations, simulations and many animated graphics.

!!! Test at the end of each chapter !!!

The questions are selected at random and changed with each new test.

The Christiani E-Learning Internet platform for training in automotive engineering consists of 12 modules and conveys the basic principles and specialist knowledge in automotive engineering.

  • Basic knowledge of automotive electronics
  • Fundamental knowledge of engine control systems
  • Multiplex vehicle electronics (communication and diagnostics)
  • ABS brake systems, acceleration slip regulation (ASR) and driving stability systems (ESP)
  • Airbag, safety and protection systems
  • Vehicle climate control – basic principles, maintenance and diagnosis
  • Vehicle lighting – conventional systems and xenon technology
  • European on-board diagnostics EOBD and OBDII (background, standards, diagnosis, test procedures)
  • Hybrid- / Electric Vehicles (basic principles, functionality, technologies, batteries)
  • Low emission vehicles (Coming soon)
  • Diagnose Technology (Coming soon)
  • Fault Finding – Simulations (Coming soon)

The full version consists of 12 modules in German, English and French. At present, the modules are only partly available in other languages. All the modules of the learning platform are revised and expanded continuously.

Particularly suitable for in-house and intercompany training as well as for supporting specialist teaching in schools.

System requirements for e-learning:
(Full and demo version)
Latest version of the Adobe Flash Player and Adobe Shockwave Player

To guarantee all the functions of a multi-user or school licence, for example learning success checks, user lists and detailed view, the article number 83274 Learning Management System is required in addition to the multi-user licence.

The most important functions are:

  • User list
  • User account management
  • User results
  • Results charts
  • Detailed view
  • Top-level administration
  • Evaluation: everything split into modules, chapters and tasks
  • Duration of task for each solution
  • Performance in percent (according to specifications from trainer)
  • Total number of points
  • Highest / lowest number of points for each task
  • Total time logged on
  • Last login to system

The Learning Management System licence is permanently valid and not subject to a 12-month term. The licence is not invoiced again when a multi-user or school licence is extended.