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PLC Training Rack S7-1516
N.º de pedido: 59608  
Precio a solicitud

Enter the world of the new innovative SIMATIC S7-1500 control systems and prepare your students and trainees for the next generation of ground-breaking control systems made by the German market leader.

Ideal for practical PLC teaching. The Christiani PLC training racks not only allow you to impart programming knowledge to your pupils and trainees but also to enable them to collect practical experience in working with PLC hardware.

The concept

The aim of developing this innovative PLC training equipment was to reproduce the modularity of the S7 components in terms of their application. To achieve this, appropriate connection assemblies were developed for the prevalent S7 assemblies. Each pair is mounted together under each other on the table-top support. The S7 assemblies are at the top on the original Siemens assembly carriers, with the connection modules underneath in the profile frames which are ergonomically inclined. Electrical connection is made exclusively between each of the partnering units, that is to say from above to below.

Power is supplied to the individual pairs via bridge connectors on the front of the connection assemblies, from left to right. This modular setup enables the user to dismantle the training equipment in a short time and assemble it as quickly in a different configuration. This enables targeted training in the structure and configuration of SIMATIC®S7 stations. The PLC training racks can be used with S7-300 and S7-1500 assemblies. All connections are designed with 4-mm safety technology.

  • Dimensiones (lar. x alt. x anch.): 520x420x300 mm
  • Soporte para mesa de perfil de aluminio
  • Fuente de alimentación de 24 V CC/8 A
  • SIMATIC CPU S7-1516-3PN/DP
  • 24 entradas digitales 24 V CC
  • 24 salidas digitales 24 V CC/0,5 A
  • 4 salidas analógicas 0-10 V
  • 2 salidas analógicas 0-10 V
  • con una interfaz Profibus integrada y 2 interfaces ProfiNet
  • Incluye cable Ethernet, tarjeta de memoria Micro de 24 MB y una licencia: SIMATIC Step 7 SIMATIC STEP7 Professional - Software for Training

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