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PLC and Frequency Converter Training Board Set
N.º de pedido: 98205  
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Section: PLC and frequency converter
Programmable logic control and monitoring of three-phase motors

With this training board set, you can start a three-phase motor in just a few minutes and operate it in a speedcontrolled manner. The package includes the ready-to-use user program and the required accessories. Both the programming with function modules as well as the visualisation of the application are also supplied ready-to-use, so that the starter kit can be put to use very quickly.

  • PLC with SD card insert for transfer of programs
  • Connection of PLC and frequency converter via fieldbus module
  • Power supply: 230 VAC/ 50 Hz 1-phase for the converter
  • Frequency converter with removable convenience control panel
  • With Engineering Tool PS501 for six programming languages, integrated visualisation and configuration of the overall system, including fieldbuses and networking
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