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Section: engine management system
Programmable control and monitoring of three-phase motors

This A4 training board contains a combination of an engine management system (EMM) and an electronic load relay (ELR). The EMM has an integrated current converter up to 16 A, an active power measurement for overload and underload monitoring and freely programmable switching and reporting thresholds. The ELR enables control of 3~AC motors up to 550 V AC with a load current of maximum 9 A. In this combination, the electrical variables such as current, voltage and power, as well as fault or other statuses, can be observed easily via the software.

This training board is a valuable addition to the motor management training board and has the following equipment:

Latching switch 1-0-1 (2 NO) for clockwise and anti-clockwise rotation

  • Display of direction of rotation via LED signal lights

Push button (1NO 1NC)

  • Clockwise and anticlockwise rotation

Thermistor simulation
Achieved via a potentiometer with switching function.
The following states can be simulated:

  • Motor cold/warm
  • Short circuit to the thermistor supply line
  • Cable break in the thermistor supply line
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