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EDISONS Set: Safety Devices 5 - Enabling Switch
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Enabling switches are used for special safety functions in the “nonisolating safety devices” category. Type JSHD4, which is executed as a “3-stage enabling switch” is used together with a safety relay (e.g. training board RT7B) or a safety PLC (e.g. PLUTO training board - in preparation). Thus, various types of safety functions can be established, investigated and, through simulation of errors, the impact on safety determined.

EDISONS – Machine safety teaching system in accordance with European Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC for safety functions

The EDISONS teaching system from Christiani, which was created in collaboration with Jokab Safety, is the optimum aid during lessons about machine safety. With this system, you can provide your trainees, pupils, students or employees with the best possible preparation with regard to the new requirements of safety functions in machines and machinery in the industrial area, in conjunction with Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC. Of course, with the EDISONS teaching system, safety functions can also be confi gured and tested. The sturdy yet easily mobile carrier system offers space for 18 training boards in A4 format, split across three levels. It is available in a one-sided or two-sided version and thus offers space for two or four learners.